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Discussions, live videos and free training content.

Islay Wildlife and Photography Workshop 2021 with Alan Ward and Carl Thomas

A fantastic opportunity to spend 7 days in one of the most beautiful and tranquil islands of the inner Hebrides. on the west coast of Islay, known as the Queen of the Hebrides.

Set in the grounds of 37 acres of rolling fields, right next door to a magnificent mile-long sandy beach. The main house is an 1820’s former manse which is thought to be built on the site of the Lords of the Isles summer palace.



Based on the beautiful and mesmerising island of Islay. Islay has a wealth of natural history, with many contrasting beautiful areas we can explore. The landscape offers an abundance of wildlife including deer, seals, otters and a huge variety of birds, including golden eagles.

The accommodation is a stunning Georgian House which oozes history. Doused in 200 years of history and set in 37 acres of stunning land.

The first week is now full so the available dates are 19th June 2021 for 7 days. The cost for the week is £1,395, the cost is £1,595 as single occupancy.

There is also potential for your own beautiful cosy private cottage in the grounds of the main house, let me know if that’s of interest.

This is on a full board basis so Dinner Bed and Breakfast as well as provisions available each day for you to make any packed lunches are all included.

I have listed below some of the questions that I’ve been asked, if you would like to know more or secure a place please let me know.

**What level of photography skill is required? All levels are welcome.

**Can my partner book a place if they are not a photographer? Yes we often have people book their partner a place too.

**Can I upgrade to my own private cottage in the grounds of the main house ? Yes you can we have limited availability though. They are gorgeous cosy cottages.

 A lot of skill is required to get the correct settings and know how to capture images of the natural wildlife Scotland has to offer, on this trip you will be shown the art of capturing some of these iconic species.

We also have the opportunity explore other forms of photography such as landscapes and long exposure with the breathtaking views offering plenty of opportunities to explore the skills required to capture those stand out images.

The workshop with myself and Alan Ward giving full tuition and taking you to the likely places to achieve more in depth knowledge to capture some great images.

During the week we will offer hands on tuition based on each days plans regarding images. We will also run a number of workshop sessions in the  evenings covering many areas. Carl will take you through his entire editing workflow using Lightroom. As an Adobe Certified Associate Carl has plenty of tips and techniques that he will share with you during the week.

The week will be very informal and so there will be plenty of opportunity to have 1-2-1 and group discussions. We will discuss any areas that any of you would like specific help with.

Winter Cairngorms Wildlife Photography Workshop 2021 with Alan Ward and Carl Thomas

Exciting news, we have been able to secure a further week as we are fully booked already for the initial week.

Whatever level you are, Beginner Amateur or Pro this Workshop will help you improve your photography and create some lifelong memories, the scenery is breathtaking.

We have secured a gorgeous 3 storey period cottage. The House dates from 1860 and was used as a home and artists’ studio by notable Scots William Geddes and David Farqharson in the late 19th century, many of their most famous works being completed here.

The rooms are all beautiful doubles and on a full board basis, so dinner bed and breakfast as well as provisions available each day for you to make any packed lunches are all included.

There are three options as we have secured the cottage for the additional week from the 30th January to February 6th 2021 Spaces are limited to 4 people.

The first from the 30th January to 2nd February and the second from the 3rd to 6th or the third option is to join us for the full week.

The costs are £549 for either of the separate groups or £998 for the week partners are welcome at a reduced cost.

The scenery is stunning and photographing iconic species such as Mountain Hare, Grouse, Ptarmigan, Red Squirrels and Deer to mention a few is both challenging and rewarding. There will be full tuition and support during the day and at the cottage from Alan and myself as well as 1-2-1 time.

Here are some images taken from the last trip as well as the accommodation.

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Beyond The Lens Academy

Welcome to the exciting New Photography Training and Support Platform

Tired of images that are not sharp

Your Images just don't stand out

Action shots out of focus 

Editing is so complicated 

Need to earn more income

Can't decide on which new camera

We can help with all these problems and many more Beginner Amateur or Pro

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Discussions, live videos and free training content.

Why I decided to develop this Training Platform?

Out of Focus? Dull? Blurry? Not sharp? Just not right?

My name is Carl Thomas. You have probably seen my Dog Photography work and maybe some of the wildlife and landscape work I do when I'm not working with dogs.

I have been a professional photographer for many years, and set up my Dog Photography business over 5 years ago.

I have been on an amazing journey working with wonderful dogs every day as well as working with global commercial clients.

I have been thinking about developing this new platform for some time now. I am really keen to create a new and engaging way to enable you to learn and improve your photography.

When I was looking to find ways to learn and improve my photography skills, I found the enormous amount of content available lead to confusion and lack of clarity.

So "Beyond The Lens Academy" was born.


Passion - Hobby - Business

Photography is different for everyone, for some it's a hobby or a favourite pastime. For others it's an obsession or even a business. Whatever it means to you there are always new ways to learn more.

You’re a beginner or you have just bought your first camera.

Photography can seem very complicated. There are so many different settings and a whole plethora of terms and phrases.  We are designing the training content to simplify everything for you. We will help you understand the basics of how your camera works and how to use the myriad of settings in order to get the best images.

Once you have mastered your camera and its settings we will move on in small manageable steps to how you can use the fundamental building blocks of photography, Aperture, Shutter Speed and ISO, in order to build your confidence to take control of your camera and create those amazing images you always wanted.

How do I create amazing images with my iPhone?

This is a very popular topic, and yes, you can create stunning images with the latest smartphones. I have often used my iPhone to capture those opportune moments indeed some of my iPhone images have been amongst some of the most popular on my Facebook page.  Being viewed tens of thousands of times with literarily thousands of comments too. We will take you through all the techniques and settings, some of which most people don’t even know exist. We will show you how you can use these to create stunning images that your friends will not believe were taken on an iPhone.

I'm an Amateur Photographer.

You are not alone here. There are millions of people who just love photography, being a favourite pastime or hobby for many and for others an obsession, spending all their spare time with their camera gear.

We are creating content that will help you unlock and learn the skills you need to get even more from your photography irrespective of what equipment you have. There is so much content available aimed at helping photographers today, but the vast amounts can only add to the confusion.

We will have a structured approach that covers all the important skills and techniques needed in order to maximise your results. It is amazing how often simple but intentional changes in techniques and settings can transform your results.

I really believe that learning photography is one of the most enjoyable things you can choose to do. It may be something that you don’t always have time for, but when you do it makes for a truly rewarding and wonderful pastime.

With us you will learn at your own pace, be challenged and supported along the way and most of all inspired to create treasured images.

I am or would like to be a Professional.

Can I take that step from Amateur to Professional?  I get asked this question all the time and the answer is 100% yes. There are many things to consider when taking that step from an Amateur to a Professional  Photographer. I can tell you having worked with, and helped many photographers along their business journey, that some of the most challenging areas are often not the photography but the wider components of setting up and running a successful Photography Business. The good news is we will help you with all the skills you need to make that step and answers questions like these:


  • How do I set up my business structure?
  • I’m not very confident.
  • How do I develop a personal style?
  • What should I do about editing?
  • How do I successfully market my business?
  • Do I need better equipment?
  • How do I navigate constantly evolving social media?
  • Generating, Managing and closing sales leads.
  • How much should I charge for my work?


Don’t delay it any longer. Running my own photography business is one of the most rewarding things I have ever done.

Not happy with your images ?

I know how you feel, I've been where you are. Images that just don't stand out, not in focus, dull and just not inspiring, or you can't seem to master the editing process. It can be soul destroying and very frustrating. Don't worry I've been where you are.  I have spent years mastering photography and have a very successful photography business and run many face to face photography workshops so i can help you get those amazing images you have always wanted.
i am very excited about the launch of a new online training and support platform for photographers.
There has been a massive amount of work going on in the background, I am so pleased to tell you more about it.
We offer a very unique platform that will provide training and support for everyone. Just got your first camera or running a professional photography business? We have something for you all.

Adobe Qualified

I am an Adobe Certified Associate. I have been trained to this standard by an Adobe accredited training school and successfully passed the assessment.

Editing your images is a very important step in the process towards creating those stand out images. There are so many options out there for editing, but it doesn't need to be complicated. I can show you how I approach organising and editing images and above all simplify things for you!

You don't need to spend hours in front of a computer editing images but in most cases you will at least need to do some basic editing. Sometimes just cropping an image can transform it.

I have developed a very efficient process  for editing images so if you are a Pro this can save you hours of time.  If you are a Beginner or Amateur I can show how to do simple edits that transform your images.

Settings and good gear will only get you so far

Composition, timing and knowing your subject are key to creating amazing images. I will share my tips and techniques on how to achieve sharp stand out amazing  images.

I regularly get asked about camera gear and which is best etc. We will cover this in detail, I run regular gear and tech reviews as there is so much new equipment available these days.

You can create amazing images with whatever gear you have if you how. I will share with you all my knowledge and experience to help get the best images possible whatever gear you have.

What Our Members and Workshop Clients are Saying ......

Membership Options

We have created various options so that there is something for everyone no matter what level of photography you are at. There are some great new feature additions .



Private Facebook Group

Online Learning Modules

Mobile App

Direct Message Facility

New Features

+ Monthly Group Image Critique

+ Keyword Searchable Video Content

+ Monthly Group Webinar

+ Discounted Photography Workshops 

+ New Member Personal 1-2-1 

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Private Facebook Group

Online Learning Modules

Mobile App

Keyword Searchable Video Content

2 Monthly Group Webinars 

New Gear Reviews 

Direct Message Facility

1 Group Image Critiques Each Month

New Features

+ 1 Choose Your Subject 1-2-1

+ Monthly Group Live Edits

+ Discounted Photography Workshops

+ New Member Personal 1-2-1 

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Private Facebook Group

Online Learning Modules

Mobile App

Keyword Searchable Video Content

Weekly Group Webinars 

New Gear Reviews 

Direct Message Facility

2 Group Image Critiques Each Month

Monthly 1-2-1 Image Critique Session

1 Monthly Choose Your Subject 1-2-1 Session 

Discounted Photography Workshops

New Features

+ Monthly Group Live Edits

+Unlimited Choose Your Subject 1-2-1’s

+ New Member Personal 1-2-1 

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Got a question?

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Drop us a note here and we will get back to you ASAP

Photography Workshops Now Open

Two Day Photography Workshops. We hold these at the beautiful Wellington Arms in Hampshire. The format allows for a mix of theory as well as hands on practice in the stunning local countryside.

Kpt7vbfgtsktibvzxptk workshops 3 2These workshops are very popular as we are able to spend time looking at both theory and hands on practice which really does help the learning process, its also great fun too. The numbers are kept to less than 10 on each worksop which allows for 1-2-1 discussions and a more engaging two days.


Link To The Wellington Arms Website

Over the two days we cover a range of areas:

- ISO, shutter speed, aperture - the building blocks of great photography.

- Equipment - no you don't need to spend a fortune to get great results.

- Tips and techniques - working with dogs and animals has its challenges so we explore the skills needed and cover a whole array of techniques to get those shots that stand out.

- Action shots - we will look at composition, focusing and sharpness.

- Portraits - exploring light and techniques to get that unique look.

- How to deal with black dogs - often a challenge!

- Post production - should I shoot in Raw or Jpeg? What about Lightroom.

- The business aspects of professional photography

We will work with real dogs so you get invaluable hands on experience. As we keep the numbers low for each worksop this allows us to add topics or spend more or less time on areas based on what the attendees are looking to learn.

97olpgrmqwajhcm9cfrd workshops 1 2The available dates are:

19th/20th August  (Sold Out)

9th/10th September (Sold Out)

23rd/24th September (Sold Out)

12th/13th November (A few places left) Will be December now

Refreshments and lunch are included each day and for those staying over or haven't got to far too travel, I host a dinner on the first night which is also included.

The cost for the two day Workshops are £499 however for members of the academy the cost is reduced by 25% to £375.

If you need accommodation the hotel is amazing and is offering 50% off normal £150 accommodation rate at the moment which is £75 b&b. Normally my rate with them is £120. The offer rate is temporary so will probably change when they start to get busy again so currently available until the end of August.

There are also other local options for accommodation.

If you are interested in securing a place, drop me a message and we will get you booked in.


Some comments from recent attendees

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